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VIADUCT Student Papers

The student paper series targets Master level students working on EU-Turkey relations and shall allow outstanding student papers to be widely disseminated and recognised.

The objective is to

  • stimulate research among students
  • provide Master level students with the chance to practice writing and to enhance their academic skills
  • foster intergenerational academic exchange

The first VIADUCT Student Paper by Mirko Savković aims at examining turkish language in the European Union Post-Brexit. The author is Erasmus Mundus master scholarship student at the Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies joint degree at the University of Glasgow, Dublin City University and Charles University Prague. He completed undergraduate studies at the Çankaya University in Ankara under the Turkish Government Scholarship. He is contributor for the Security Distillery, an initiative of young researchers.

The second VIADUCT Student Paper by Meryem Nagehan Ulusoy examines the Copenhagen Criteria as tool of the European Union in the process of Europeanization of candidate countries with a special focus on Turkey. At the time of writing, Meryem Nagehan Ulusoy was a student on the MA in European Studies of Sabancı University. 

The third VIADUCT Student Paper by Dilara Kaya takes a closer look on the European Union’s response to the so-called Migration Crisis between 2015 and 2018 against the background of liberal intergovernmentalism. By the time of writing, Dilara Kaya was enrolled in the MA in European Studies of Sabancı University.

The fourth VIADUCT Student Paper by Maximiliane Judith Schneider takes a closer look at how Turkey positioned itself towards Europe in the aftermath of the Cold War years and aims at evaluating the determining factors causing Turkey’s new path of foreign policy. At the time of submission, Maximiliane Judith Schneider was an MA student in the ‘German Turkish Masters Program in Social Sciences’ at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Middle East Technical University.

The fifth VIADUCT Student Paper by Osman Toksöz aims at explaining the main factors that lead to the idea of modernisation of the EU-Turkey Customs Union. At the time of submission, Osman Toksöz was a graduand and Jean Monnet scholar at the College of Europe at the College of Europe, specializing in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies. He has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Galatasaray University.

The sixth VIADUCT Student Paper by Daniel Manzoni and Laura Gil-Besada discusses the subject of town twinning which is becoming increasingly significant in the context of the relations between the European Union and Turkey. At the time of submission, Daniel Manzoni and Laura Gil-Besada were MA students of the Master in European Governance at the University of Luxembourg.  Previously, Daniel Manzoni completed a BA in International Relations at TU Dresden and The University of Dar es Salaam. Laura Gil-Besada completed a BSc in Economics and Management at King’s College London and The University of Hong Kong.  

The seventh VIADUCT Student Paper by Jorge Felix discusses the aspects and dimensions of economic relations between the EU, Germany and Turkey. Jorge Felix is a student in the MA in International Relations at the University of Minho, Portugal, and a Program Assistant at the Brussels office of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.